Before stepping into the DIGITAL MARKETING MODULE, a basic perspective that crossed our (students) mind was that, “we will have to learn about marketing online”, but our perspective totally changed when we begin with the course. It was far more than what we thought. Not only did we learn so much but also it was full of fun and curiosity to work more and unfold more knowledge. The module wouldn’t have been interesting unless a great teacher too in charge, Mr. Ajay Aggarwal, Our teacher, has made a significant different to our knowledge. This module has enabled me to understand wide areas of marketing engaging industry to customers and bringing businesses alive. The module covered lots of information delivered and practiced in chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective which could be reflected in our live projects. Mr. Ajay has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. I didn’t just attend the module and learn about Digital Marketing, but rather, Have practiced and carrying it along with me for life. My Best wishes and Thanks!……..Kritika